Air Movement Inc. Promotes Proper Ventilation of Bars and Restaurants

The Covid-19 pandemic is still giving governments, health officials, and other stakeholders sleepless nights. To minimize the shakeup, it is crucial that more stakeholders, including ventilation experts, come into the scene. They can assist in keeping the contagion of the virus controlled by helping to ventilate different social areas like bars and restaurants. Some of the experts helping with this include Air Movement Inc., your go-to HVAC experts. Talk to us today, and let us help you to make your bar and restaurant safe for everyone.

About Air Movement Inc.

Air Movement Inc. is a name that you can trust with all your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. For the last 15 years, we have been on the frontline offering the best solutions when it comes to HVAC/R needs and services. As air movement certified experts, we can assure you that we have your back, even in these trying Covid-19 moments.

If you own or manage a bar or restaurant, then you should be well aware of the guidelines to follow to minimize the virus’s contagion. According to the City of Toronto’s Covid-19 guidelines, as formulated in theReopening Ontario Act, you should meet all additional guidelines and measures to keep any new infections at bay or reduced. The official City of Toronto statement advises all employers, businesses, workplaces, and service providers in matters:

  • Reporting outbreaks of the virus in their workplaces to the Toronto Public Health offices
  • Preventing Covid-19 in the workplace
  • Managing existing cases in the workplace
  • Preparing and making available a Covid-19 safety plan checklist in accordance with the Toronto Public Health and WHO recommendations
  • Completing information about the virus cases/contacts at their establishments

In addition, we deal with furnaces for heating. Normally, we do furnace installation at competitive prices. We can also do furnacerepairs and replacements depending on your needs. 

At Air Movement Inc., as an essential service provider, we have every precaution in place. We follow all the procedures in place. With the many benefits of maintaining bars and restaurants Covid-19-proof or reducing the contagion, we are making sure to help our clients this way.

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